WHY Realise Potential?

Sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads and unsure of which path to take, yet we know we must move forward.

Other times, we feel we've stagnated and lost our way, unsure of how to reignite our mojo and connect with our passion.

What to do?

Realise Potential helps individuals and businesses be the best version of themselves.

Whether you're a person who knows you're not living to your fullest potential or a business that's lacking in purpose and direction, either way, there's an opportunity for growth, improvement and fulfilment.

Coaching and mentoring provide objective guidance to help you with the choices ahead, while supporting you in the implementation of those choices.

By committing to a path of continuous improvement and accountability, real progress is made, results are achieved and potential is realised!


About John

A mechanical engineer by profession I have spent more than 40 years working in manufacturing in APAC, from shop floors to boardrooms.  As a pioneer of Smart Factory processes, I have helped many businesses successfully navigate the roadmap of continuous improvement, change management and the leadership required to do so.

But like many others, I had been emotionally asleep. Then in 1991, I had an ‘awakening’ which confronted my rigid views and ways. This led to many years of self-discovery, spiritual and emotional breakthroughs.  I learnt how to wake up and become ‘whole’.

Being mentored and being asked to mentor others happened organically and so publishing Man Unplugged - Exploring The Inner Man in 2014 was the result of my personal journey.

Apart from being a father to 2 wonderful young sons, I gain the greatest satisfaction from helping others wake up and realise their potential.

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