IIoT: Hype or Revolution?

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The Industrial Internet of Things can help manufacturers become 'smart' by reducing costs, improving efficiencies and making the business agile.

But is it Hype or Revolution?

The pre-recorded presentation takes you on a journey to understand:

  • The IIoT and what it means
  • How it fits into Industry 4.0 and 'smart factories'
  • Why many projects have failed to achieve expected outcomes
  • How to avoid the same pitfalls
  • What you can do to implement a successful project
  • The four 'ages' of the Industrial Revolution
  • Are you wasting time 'chasing ghosts'?
  • Why 'tomorrow' is too late
  • What is The Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • Industry 4.0 hierarchy explained
  • Top 9 use-cases for IoT

  • Is the IoT a Silver Bullet?
  • Buyer beware!
  • Top-4 reasons for project failure
  • Steps to successful implementation
  • Example use-cases
  • Be the Local Hero


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