The Smart Factory Equipment Checklist, available for FREE DOWNLOAD (no opt-in required), is the result of years of experience dealing with manufacturers and equipment vendors.

Why purchase equipment only to discover that you're unable to get information from it, electronically, or even get it onto your factory network, simply because this wasn't a thought at the time of purchase?

Too many times I meet with manufacturers who have been left with an 'island', a piece of equipment that certainly does the job, but 'closed' in its architecture and not able to be part of a connected factory.

If you consider these questions BEFORE you purchase a piece of equipment, you can be assured that you're not buying an island and unintentionally leading your business into a cul-de-sac purchase!

This will ensure that as you grow, the option of an integration framework later on is open to you, or that you can incorporate the kit into a smart(er) factory environment with minimal pain.

I hope it helps you with your purchasing decisions.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Smart Factory Equipment Checklist

Free, instant download (no opt-in required).