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Don’t know your IIoT from your Industry 4.0, or what a Smart Factory is? Confused by all the hype, with vendors offering you their silver bullet? As awareness in manufacturing of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing grows, plus the need to more with less, education is key.

Thankfully we’ve been able to share what we know with a variety of industry bodies and manufacturing businesses, to ensure any approach you take is done with the best possible chance of success.

Our single objective is to ensure any manufacturing business, irrespective of size, has access to the latest research, tried-and-proven best practices and resources, to underpin a strategic approach that will guarantee results.

Keynotes are an effective way of educating groups, demystifying the terminologies, cutting through the hype and engaging with your teams (from operators to C-suite) to understand their pressing issues and how smart factory approaches can solve them.

Each keynote is therefore customised to client requirements, often tailored to reflect the business’s values, and to align with its cultural and technical maturity.

Often, a Keynote leads to a business wanting to explore more around becoming a Smart Factory. We offer facilitated workshops tailored to the business’ needs, to explore what options are best pursued.

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Smart Factory


Don’t know your IIoT from your Industry 4.0, or what a Smart Factory is? Confused by all the hype?

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IoT, IIoT, Industrie 4.0?
Smart Factories aren't coming ... they're already here!

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While Keynotes kick-off Smart Factories education process, customised workshops are where the rubber really starts to hit the road.

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Years of research has shown that the culture of a business can support or hinder the attraction of great talent.

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Did you know that very few businesses actually devise strategies and of those that do, the successful completion rate is under 50%?

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Learn how a 'mastermind' process can help your business achieve more.

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