Smart Factory Workshops

While Keynotes certainly kick-off the education process about Smart Factories, customised workshops are where the rubber really starts to hit the road.

Once an organisation is committed to the journey to become a smart(er) factory, it’s imperative that an informed strategic approach is put in place, right from the start. With Cisco research showing that 75% of IoT projects have failed to deliver the expected outcome, their key findings as to the success factors, makes for enlightening reading!

Industry 4.0 Workshop

By the end of this Workshop, you'll have a concrete understanding of Industry 4.0, be informed about the dos and don'ts of implementations, and leave with a concrete action plan of what you can do to get started in your business.


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We facilitate workshops to capture and define the as-is state:

  • What are the underlying cultural perspectives?
  • Where is the business in terms of its people, systems and processes?
  • Are they aligned?
  • What is the capex capacity for current and future investment?
  • What Opex opportunities exist for hardware/software subscription services?
  • What is the business’s appetite for change?
  • Is the leadership team aligned and committed to the journey?

Using these as ‘inputs’ we then explore the business’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as emerging trends and how they might affect the future. We tap into the innate wisdom often found in production teams, to define a ‘to-be’ future state:

  • What products are you making?
  • Where are you geographically located?
  • What is the culture like?
  • How many people do you have?
  • What does the organisational chart look like?
  • What visibility do you have into your entire production supply chain?
  • What reports do you have and what KPIs are you measuring?
  • Are you seen in the marketplace as a supplier of choice?

This analysis creates an understanding that to become a smart factory is not something that’s done overnight, or in a ‘big bang’ fashion. It is very much a journey and one that relies heavily on setting the right strategy.

Smart Factory


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Smart Factories aren't coming ... they're already here!

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While Keynotes kick-off Smart Factories education process, customised workshops are where the rubber really starts to hit the road.

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